The Netherlands School for Public Administration (NSOB) studies current issues and challenges with regard to the creation of public values by governments, entrepreneurs and citizens. This includes a continuous reflection on the changing role of governmental organizations. The NSOB conducts this research commissioned by government institutions, such as ministries and municipalities. Moreover, the NSOB offers several courses and in-company trajectories about the changing role of the government in the public domain and the role of partnerships herein.


MartijnProfessor Martijn van der Steen has been working at the NSOB in a variety of functions since 2002. He is co-dean and deputy director of the NSOB and director of the NSOB think tank. Besides his work at NSOB Martijn van der Steen is endowed professor at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. His main research interests are government control in networks, embedding future-oriented notes in current policy developments, renewal of public administration, and the effect of media on public administration processes.

markProfessor Mark van Twist is dean and director of the NSOB. Furthermore, he is professor at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam with a focus on management- and policy advice in the context of public-private collaborations. His research interests include renewal of government officials and strategic issues within public administration.





Rebel helps public and private actors bridge the gap between investment needs, implementation capacity and financial resources. We help our clients to develop public-private partnerships (PPPs), innovative financing arrangements, project delivery strategies, as well as procurement and transaction advisory processes. in addition we offer a range of related services in the field of policy and strategy, institutional development, capacity building and project/ policy evaluations. Rebels pioneered the early PPP markets of continental Europe. Today we work across a broad range of geographies and investment sectors. Our pursuit of value form smart and tailored solutions, sometimes swimming against the tide, is reflected in our company motto: No change without a Rebel.


Michiel Kortmichiel-kort is a senior consultant at Rebel. Throughout his career questions such as ‘How do we organize collaboration?’ And ‘How do we deal with diverging interests in a context that is sensitive to political and administrative processes?’ have aroused his interest in cooperation in the public sector. After he studied technical public administration at Delft University he worked at Berenschot as a process manager on public-private decision-making. He obtained his PhD on the organization and management of the Urban Regeneration Company at the Erasmus University and still collaborates with scholars form the university. At Rebel, Michiel is committed to strengthening Rebels position on topics such as sustainable energy, regional development, mobility and infrastructure.

Ssigrid-schenkigrid Schenk is a financial advisor at Rebel. She has a lot of experience with regard to the valuation of policy effects, such as business cases and social cost-benefit analysis. Sigrid specializes in risk analysis, real options and flexibility. Moreover, Sigrid gives advise on structuring PPP-projects, including Dutch projects such as the Zuidas and wind energy in Flevoland. In addition to her consulting work, she regularly offers training on business cases and risk analysis. This allows her to make these business cases clear for managers and directors.


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ResetManagement aims to solve complex behavioral issues – both within and between organizations – that might hamper the intended results. Large developments in various sectors (including the social domain, the energy sector, and the infrastructure- and construction industry) enforce organizations to collaborate in order to solve problems and seize opportunities. Good collaboration is therefore important. It is more than an individual competency or skill. It is of great importance that organizations adjust their business operations to collaborations with other organizations, in order to ensure their status as an attractive partners in realizing joint issues.


Andre SalomonsonAndré Salomonson, partner Samenwerken at ResetManagement, is founder and program manager of ‘Professionals in PPS’ This is a learning platform to enable collaborations between public and private organizations in the infrastructure- and construction industry. André advises companies regarding collaboration, develops methods of cooperation, and supports organizations in both the public and private domain in managing and organizing partnerships.


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Deltares is an independent institute for applied research in the field of water and subsurface. Throughout the world, Deltares works on smart solutions, innovations and applications for people, environment and society. Its main focus is on deltas, coastal regions and river basins. Managing these densely populated and vulnerable areas is complex, which is why Deltares works closely with governments, businesses, other research institutes and universities at home and abroad. Deltares’ motto is Enabling Delta Life.


Foto Monica AltamiranoMonica Altamirano is a policy analyst and systems engineer with a strong background in Economics. In 2004 she obtained her Master degree in Systems engineering and Policy Analysis from the TU Delft and in 2010 she defended her PhD thesis titled: ‘Innovative contracting practices in the road sector: Cross-national lessons in dealing with opportunistic behavior. Since 2010 she joined Deltares and has promoted and carried out studies to translate the lessons learned in PPPs in the road sector to the water management sector. Her current work focuses on making ‘green Adaptation to Climate Change’ a financially viable concept for developing countries. Recent projects include a decision support tool for the Dutch PPP unit and Union of Water Boards for the choice of project delivery and finance mechanism for Wastewater project, as well as a DS tool procurement of flood protection infrastructure projects for HWBP.



Twynstra Gudde

Twynstra Gudde is an independent and leading management consultancy. The advisors and managers work daily on challenging and complex issues in both the public and the private sector. Twynstra Gudde helps its clients by reducing issues to its essence, brings in the right expertise and makes connections between different stakeholders, disciplines, interests and values. Twynstra Gudde is the specialist in understanding and contributing unique and complex issues.


ellen-ok-fotoAfter finisher her legal education in Leiden, Ellen Lastdrager has gained over fifteen years of experience in the international Offshore Industry. She started as contract manager and eventually became Director of Strategy of a big, maritime service and Managing Director of the Dutch trade association of suppliers in the Offshore Industry. The last fifteen years she worked on organizing collaborations between public and private actors, focusing on private investments in public issues.

RijkswaterstaatLogo RWS Engels(2)

Rijkswaterstaat (RWS) is the executive body of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment. They manage and develop national highways, waterways and waters and focus on a sustainable living environment. Together with other organizations, Rijkswaterstaat is working to ensure that the Netherlands is protected against floods, has sufficient green areas and clean water, and where people can travel safely and smoothly to their destinations. Working together on a safe, livable and accessible country. That is Rijkswaterstaat. Annually Rijkswaterstaat is responsible for the public procurement of  projects with a total value of over 3 billion euros. Since 2010 the procurement is completely sustainable. In addition Rijkswaterstaat looks for innovative solutions to cope with intensively used transport networks (including roads, waterways and artworks) in order to realize sustainable, safe and cheaper existing infrastructures.


Annuska Bloemert foto-annuska-bloemertis head of the procurement centre GWW (ground-, road-, and waterway construction) of Rijkswaterstaat. This is the centre of expertise for procurement and contract management for all construction, engineering and maintenance projects of RWS. Here policies are made with regard to the procurement and implementation of projects. Moreover, the procurement centre offers advise on complex issues in tendering procedures. Annuska has a background in business administration – she studied at the University of Groningen – and organizational consultancy. Before joining Rijkswaterstaat she worked amongst others at PWC and IBM and offered advise for various projects in the Netherlands and abroad. Here, the focus was on the role division between governments and market organizations, public-private partnerships and increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of governmental organizations.