Preview of 2018

A new year is well underway, and so is the ‘Governance for smartening public-private partnerships’ team. For 2018 we have big ambitions and loads of interesting research coming up. So, here’s a little preview on what to expect from us this year. In 2018…

… We hope to publish some new articles. One of them presents the results of a Q-methodology on different governance perspectives in self-organizing community collectives. Another article will discuss how contractual and relational aspects jointly effect performance in public-private partnerships. Finally, we’ll publish an article on the mediating role of relational norms, trust, and partners’ contribution in the International Journal of Project Management.

… We expect that the first PhD candidate in our program will defend her thesis! Sanne Grotenbreg is currently working on her final paper, which discusses changing strategies of governments participating in public-private partnerships.

… There will be a special issue of the Dutch journal ‘Bestuurskunde’ on Smart Governance. Our team will contribute to this special issue with an article on smart governance in PPP-projects in large infrastructural projects.

… We are working on some longitudinal research into the interplay of contractual and relational governance in different PPP-projects in the Netherlands.

Of course, that won’t be all. We plan to further collaborate with our partners inside and outside academia, learn more about public-private partnerships, and present new research on international conferences. Regular updates can be found here, on our website, and on our twitter account @SmartgovforPPP.