Smart Governance researchers visit international conferences

This summer several researchers have been visiting a number of international conference. Last month, professor Erik-Hans Klijn, professor Joop Koppenjan, and Rianne Warsen visited the 6th conference of the International Public-Private Partnership Scholars Network (IP3SN) in Limerick, Ireland. This two-day conference is visited by highly esteemed scholars from all over the world and provides great opportunities to discuss state of the art research on public-private partnerships. During the conference Rianne presented a paper titled “Hard and soft conditions for successful public-private partnerships: Is it the mix that matters? The paper shows that there are different paths leading to outstanding PPP performance. These paths often consist of combinations of contractual and relational aspects, such as strict contract management, proper risk allocation, trust and good conflict management.

Earlier, Camillo Benitez Avila presented his paper “Expanding the concept of contractual and relational governance interplay in public-private partnerships: a dynamic realist approach” at the 11th edition of Engineering Project Organization Conference (EPOC) in the USA. He argues that the interplay between contractual and relational activities requires examining how managers balance their role as a member of an organization, as a part of a PPP team, and as a professional.

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