jfmkoppenjanJoop Koppenjan is professor of public administration at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. His research is focused on policy-making, complex decision making, governance networks, Public-Private Partnerships, and innovation. Areas of application are infrastructure based public sectors (such as transportation, energy, and water management) and non-infrastructure based policy domains (including health care, education, and safety). Koppenjan has been involved in a large number of research projects for various public authorities and private parties. Currently he is project leader of two NWO funded research projects: Managing Complex System Disruptions (carried out by EUR and VU Amsterdam, in the context of ProRail’s ExploRail programme) and Smart Governance of Public Private Partnerships. In 2016 he published the monograph Governance Networks in the Public Sector, Oxon/New York: Routledge (together with Erik-Hans Klijn).


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Erik Hans Klijn is professor in Public Administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam. His research is aimed at complex decision-making in networks, network management, Public-Private Partnerships, democratic legitimacy, and media influence and branding. Besides his research he is also President of IRSPM (International Research Society for Public Management).


FotoArwinWebsiteArwin van Buuren (1980) is Associate Professor of Public Administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam. His research is about new forms of governance capacity, and how public, private and societal actors can effectively combine their capacities for solving complex, wicked issues. He is frequently asked to advice public agencies about issues regarding collaboration and governance. He is especially interested in design-oriented research and publishes regularly about action-oriented research approaches. He has a strong focus on knowledge valorization and bridging the gap between science and society.


José NederhandJosé Nederhand, MSc (1990) is a PhD Candidate at the Department of Public Administration and Sociology at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Her research activities are focused on new forms of governance capacity in the public domain. With her research she would like to contribute to the question of how smart governance innovations influence the collaboration process between public, private and societal actors. José also works as a researcher at the Netherlands School of Public Administration (NSOB).


rianne warsenRianne Warsen MSc (1991) is working as a PhD candidate at the Department of Public Administration and Sociology of the Erasmus University Rotterdam since October 2015. Currently, she is involved in the NWO-funded ‘Smart Governance’ project. Within this project she studies focuses on the role of smart governance innovations in the collaboration between public and private actors in PPPs. She is specifically interested in the question of how ‘hard’ elements (like incentive structures in the contract) and ‘soft’ elements (such as the quality of the relationship and the role expectations between actors) relate to the performance of classic PPP-projects including DBFMO-projects.


1003558_Grotenbreg_SanneSanne Grotenbreg is a PhD Candidate at the Department of Public Administration and Sociology at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. She graduated cum laude in Political Science and Sociology. Her current research focuses on the ‘facilitating government’ and public private collaboration in the water sector. In the ‘Smart Governance’ project Sanne works together with Deltares, an independent institute for applied research in Delft. She conducts several case studies, e.g. of the Marker Wadden and Tidal Power Plant Brouwersdam. Before, Sanne worked as a researcher in the EU FP7 research project ‘Learning from Innovation in Public Sector Environments’ (LIPSE) and the EU EFRO project ‘Energising Deltas’.


Geert Dewulf is Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Technology and Professor of Planning and Development at the University of Twente, the Netherlands. In 2012-2013, he was the UPS Foundation Visiting Professor at Stanford University. He holds a PhD from the University of Utrecht. Geert DewulfHe was a Visiting Fellow at Harvard University in 1990-1991. Geert Dewulf has written numerous publications on Public-Private Partnerships. His research focuses on public private governance issues and strategic planning. He was scientific president of BSIK program PSIBouw, and until 2012 Scientific director of the 3TU (Federation of the Dutch Technical Universities) Center of Expertise on the Built Environment.


Andreas Hartmann Andreas Hartmannis Associate Professor at the Department of Construction Management and Engineering, University of Twente, The Netherlands. His research interest focuses on organizational, environmental and contractual issues in the management of infrastructure assets. His most recent research has been on the relationship between the procurement of road maintenance and the capabilities of road agencies and the interaction processes of public and private parties in co-creating rail system performance.


Camilo Benitez is a PhD Candidate at the Department of Camilo Benitez-AvilaConstruction Management and Engineering at the University of Twente. He holds a degree in Political Science, a MPhil in System Dynamics, and a MSc in Business Administration. He is interested in developing theoretical insights into the ways that project partners solve the tension between the need of providing stability to the rules-in-place, and the need to adapt PPP project to emerging issues over time. His research has a strong emphasis on the use of innovative methodologies to address the complexity of project governance, including Structural Equation Modelling and System Dynamic Modelling. Furthermore, Camilo supports the consultancy practices of Reset Management and Twynstra Gudde, developing practitioner-oriented methodologies to build project-shared-vision between PPP partners.